"Uschi's expertise and extensive knowledge of the human body are only surpassed by her compassion for her patients."


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Uschi Schneider

A bit of personal history

I fell in love with Craniosacral Therapy and Physical Therapy when I was still living in Germany, working as an architect on high-pressure, fast-paced architecture competitions.

My wonderful physical therapist helped me to cope with my constant headaches and neck pain through a mysterious approach called “Cranial Osteopathy”. I left his office feeling fantastic, free of pain and in a state of deep peace. Craniosacral Therapy not only relieved my physical symptoms, I felt nurtured on all levels-emotionally and spiritually. I was intrigued.

I immersed myself in studying this fascinating healing modality and have never regretted to change careers.

I have studied CranioSacral Therapy since 1999 and have been a licensed physical therapist since 2003 and had the opportunity to work with clients with a huge variety of ‘life-shapes’ and presentations like chronic and acute neck and low back pain, whiplash, migraines, headaches, TMJ, traumatic brain injury, tinnitus, vertigo, MS, Parkinson's disease, trauma and sympathetic overload and psycho-spiritual growth.

Every client teaches me something new, every moment is fresh and together we find a way to more health and more vitality.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lyphoma in 2008, received the shortest possible course of treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation, and spent several months in Germany researching and experiencing some cutting edge methods to detoxify, alkalize and rejuvenate the body completely. My own experience with cancer has taught me that health can be accessed even in the middle of severe health challenges. I know through direct experience that we can always orient to the original blueprint of health, access resources and experience our true luminescence.  I have never felt healthier than now.

A serious back injury has been a great teacher. I am grateful that my own experience taught me how to move from pain to fluidity and strength. It gives me great delight to share these insights with others.