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"When I began receiving treatment with Uschi Schneider, the back pain that I had for over a year finally began to heal. Uschi combines incredible skill and knowledge of the human body with a highly intuitive capacity for deeply listening to what a person needs."

~Gillian McGinty- somatic therapist

“I started going to Uschi for bodywork when I hurt my back at work several years ago, after trying out several other practitioners.  After ONE session, my back felt better - something no one else had been able to do even after several sessions!  It had been tweaked for so long, I was beginning to think I was going to have to live with it that way.  Her gentle, steady and solid energy paired with intuition and deep knowledge base made me at ease in her care.  I could relax and completely open up under her guidance and observation - knowing that I was in the hands of someone who had my best interest, health and healing at heart.

Uschi’s care for her clients, the contributing issues to their health situation and OVERALL health is quite apparent, beautiful and incredibly unique.  I have not come across another practitioner that operates on the same level as she does.  Her passion and enthusiasm for life, her work and care for others exudes from her.  It's impossible for one to be around her and not feel that energy. 

It's wonderful and a blessing to see someone as skilled and passionate about their chosen work as she is! Thank you Uschi!

~Kristen Lalumiere

“For years I had been suffering from dizziness, light headedness and vertigo. My physician diagnosed it as otoconia or "ear rocks"; small crystals of calcium carbonate that get stuck in the inner ear. He suggested motion sickness medication and home exercises. The dizziness would come and go for years, with no lasting relief. When I met Uschi and received my first treatment the symptoms disappeared completely. Since working with Uschi I have had no more episodes. She is a true blessing.”

~Alex O'Gorman

"Before I started working with Uschi I was experiencing frequent, painful, and long lasting migraines. I had seen a variety of physicians including several neurologists. I had also tried numerous medications and alternative treatments, but nothing helped. In addition, my entire head had become very sensitive due to the frequency and intensity of the migraines that often just a simple touch would trigger a headache. Uschi used a combination of several techniques including craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation and gentle corrective exercises to retrain my postural muscles. She was always very gentle and knew how to work within the limitations of my condition.

After a few sessions it was clear that her treatments were finally giving me some much needed relief. Each session perfectly addressed both the external symptom (i.e. my headaches) and the underlying condition that contributed to them. I am so grateful to have been able to work with Uschi. Her expertise and extensive knowledge are only surpassed by her compassion for her patients."


"As a Parkinson’s patient, one of my most trying symptoms is that my body cannot relax; this is physically (and consequently mentally) draining. Uschi’s therapy has been a blessing to me. With her intuitive approach to my symptoms and total commitment to my well-being, she has brought me relief from the constant exhausting muscular tension. My overall level of stress has decreased dramatically, I now have more energy, and have even been able to reduce my anxiety medication dosage significantly (in consultation with my MD). I also have self-help tools to help me between treatments. I would highly recommend her approach for anyone with Parkinson's disease."

~D. Brewer