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Therapeutic Exercise / Pilates

Align and Strengthen

Once pain has resolved and compensatory holding patterns have unraveled, we will add exercises to safely strengthen and align your body. After a thorough evaluation of muscle strength, muscle length, joint range, tissue restrictions and habitual postural patterns, we will custom tailor the perfect exercise program for your unique needs.

Your personal exercise program will allow you to maintain what you have gained and will give you an empowering tool to manage your wellness at home.

Josef Pilates, a German Athlete, developed a brilliant form of exercise in the late 1920's known today as 'Pilates'. Pilates based exercises emphasize recruitment of the 'powerhouse', comprised of the deep abdominal muscles, buttock muscles and muscles around your spine. It focuses on length in your spine and is easy on the joints through low impact exercises.

We are using a rehab based modified approach of the traditional Pilates exercises to safely build power and to improve posture.